Transparency and Equal Pay Report for Women and Men - 1st Semester 2024

Itupeva, March 28, 2024

Ref.: Lei 14.611/2023

SEG Automotive Components Brazil, in compliance with the provisions of Law 14,611/2023 – Salary Equality and Remuneration Criteria between Men and Women, makes available to interested parties the first Salary Transparency Report, base year 2022, processed by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (M.T.E.) based on information contained in e-Social, Rais and Portal Emprega Brasil of the Federal Government.

SEG clarifies that the statistical data presented in the report are calculated and made available solely by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (M.T.E.) based on the sources cited, without the company's availability and participation in the processing of these data, which only reflect differences by groups of occupations /positions and not in the same functions and with the relevance of seniority/time served.For men and women who perform identical functions, the company adopts the same salary ranges, whether for hiring or for career development and consequent remuneration, in accordance with Art. 461 and paragraphs of the CLT.

SEG also reinforces that it adopts, in addition to salary policies and benefits common to all its employees, several programs and practices that promote equity and equality between men and women.

We believe that in the next reports the Federal Government will use more updated data, which will certainly better reflect our reality.At the same time, the company undertakes to add further clarifications about the report and the criteria used, if and as soon as these are made available by the Ministry of Labor and Employment (M.T.E.).

Transparency and Equal