Who we are.

For more than 100 years innovating in the automotive industry. With a global presence, we supply the world's leading automakers. German technology produced in Brazil since 1953.

For over 100 years, SEG Automotive has been at the forefront of the industry, since the invention of the alternator in 1913, the starter in 1914, and the Start/Stop in 2007.

We are present on all continents. Our headquarters and product development center are located in Germany, in the city of Stuttgart and since 1953 we have been producing in Brazil, serving all of Latin America.

Our essence revolves around pioneering the development of solutions for the automotive market. Our actions are characterized by four pillars:

PASSION FOR INNOVATION: We electrify our customers with our development competence and capacity to innovate. We have been driving the auto industry for more than 100 years, as technology leaders in our industry. Our solutions support the transition to more efficient combustion engines, 48V hybrids and electrification.

OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We offer competitive products and solutions with high performance and durability. With robust processes and standardized global quality.

GLOBAL STRENGTH: The basis of our success is our diverse, multicultural and international teams. We have an efficient global network across the value chain - with close proximity to our customers around the world.

COMMITMENT TO OUR RESPONSIBILITY: We take care - of our customers and suppliers, of our employees and of the environment. Committed to being a reliable and long-term business partner with sustainable economic success. We create opportunities for personal development and international career advancement for our associates.

About us